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  • Need an unusual color?
  • Require a hard-to-find width?
  • Want to match a distinctive fabric?
  • Appreciate a one-of-a-kind rug?

Rustigian Rugs is experienced in creating all sorts of custom rugs and has access to literally thousands of existing designs which can be custom colored in virtually any size you need.

The impact of color. Click on the thumbnails to see it in action!
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Choosing the right color for your custom rug is important. We can help you choose from 1200 colors to create your unique rug in the perfect color scheme.

Have a special client request?
We can work with you on an original design inspired by elements such as a piece of artwork -- large or small (we’ve even helped a client create a carpet inspired by a microscopic, poly-colored cell structure from their oceanographic research!) You provide the inspiration and we can make a custom rug that will fit into your design scheme perfectly.

Have a unique design situation?

  • Simply come into Rustigian and use our BIG computer screen to make your design come to life.
  • We will help you review the wool swatch color renderings when they come in, and offer expert advice on getting your custom rug created.

Or, if you would like to see and touch your custom rug before it is fabricated, we can order a “strike off” -- a small woven sample of part of the rug. This process generally takes between 3-4 weeks. Strike-off fees are minimal and range from $200-450 but give a great sense of exactly what your custom rug will look and feel like.

Custom Rugs

  • Deposits are required for all custom orders and these are non-refundable.
  • Delivery time is usually within 3-4 months from the date of deposit and is shipped right to our door.
  • Delivery and setting in place are included in the price (areas within one hour of our location).

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