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Selecting the perfect area rug or carpeting can be challenging.

At Rustigian’s, we know our way around.
Aerial view of textured wool stair runner, expertly fabricated and installed by Rustigian Rugs for Scarborough Phillips Interiors.
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With so many attractive choices,
it can be difficult to identify just the right one.

For 86 years, Rustigian Rugs has been helping homeowners and designers select the best floor covering to meet their requirements. Every client has a unique set of needs and circumstances based on their home’s day-to-day foot traffic and lifestyle: pets, children, food, outdoor access, sound management, allergies, durability and style are all important factors in rug selection. While floor covering may only need to perform a design function if the room is rarely used; durability and price are important considerations if Mom, Dad, three young children and the family pet virtually live in the great room adjoining the kitchen.

Rustigian Rugs specializes in alleviating homeowners and designer’s concerns on even the most challenging spaces. For instance, not every carpet will install correctly on a spiral staircase; careful consideration must be given to rooms with high solar impact; and traffic patterns and the location of exterior doors can impact the life of a carpet or area rug. Since we service every floor covering we sell, we know which ones will last a long time while maintaining their appearance.

Come to Rustigian Rugs and let us help you select the carpeting or area rug that will supply the right texture, color, size and pattern to enhance the esthetic of your room.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to the fine art of customer service and seasoned in managing large and small scale projects. We invite you to stop in and find out for yourself.


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