We recommend putting a firm pad under every carpet or area rug.

Many people believe that a soft thick pad is “good” when in actuality, a dense, firm pad is the best choice. A dense synthetic, non-skid pad will support the foundation of the rug and minimize permanent furniture marks – plus it will protect your rug from any irregularities on the floor it covers.

Dense, high quality rubber or synthetic non-skid pads are also safer as they keep rugs from slipping and people from skidding.

New self-adhesive padding options for area rugs placed on top of wall-to-wall carpeting can minimize the “traveling” and buckling familiar to those whose décor features rug on top of rug.

Check with Rustigian’s experts for the best pad for your new rug or carpeting to help it last a lifetime.

4 types of recommended pads:

Rug Stop

Detail of Rug Stop2Room Sized Rug w Rug Stop2

Large pile carpets should have a pad that offers great feel underfoot as furniture anchors the rug and less in the way of pad or rug movement is likely.

Non Skid

Detail of Non Skid2Scatter Rug w Non Skid2

With a firm grip rubber underside and a felt top, this pad is perfect for keeping scatter rugs in place.


Detail of Durahold2Flatweave w Durahold2

With a non-skid underside and a Velcro-like surface, Durahold is perfect for keeping light weight, thin flat-woven rugs of any size firmly in place.


Often clients wish to feature an area rug on top of sisal or a wool carpet.  Rugs remain in place on sisal but are likely to “travel” on top of wool carpet.  A rug to rug pad is indicated to keep the feature rug in place without any wrinkles or dangerous buckling.

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